FrostWire 6.5.0

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May 102017

FrostWire 6.5.0 is out:

frostwire (6.5.0) stable; 
  * Issue where transfers would dissapear until new transfer was added fixed
  * Cleanup, optimizations in transfer managment
  * Swedish translation (thanks Josef Andersson)
  * Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Tagalog, Thai translations updated












FrostWire 6.4.9

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Apr 282017
frostwire (6.4.9) stable; 
  * YT search fixes
  * Turkish, Dutch, Russian translations updated

FrostWire 6.4.8

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Apr 112017
FrostWire 6.4.8 is out:
frostwire (6.4.8) stable; 
  * New jlibtorrent
  * New Zooqle search
  * Monova, TorLock, YT search fixed
  * Mininova search discontinued
  * Freeze/Slowdown on shutdown fixed

FrostWire 6.4.7

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Apr 052017

FrostWire 6.4.7 is out:

frostwire (6.4.7) stable; 
  * New jlibtorrent
  * Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch translations updated
  * Windows, Mac: JRE update (1.8.0_102 -> 1.8.0_121)

FrostWire 6.4.6

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Mar 072017

FrostWire 6.4.6 is out:

frostwire (6.4.6) stable;
  * New Options > Advanced > Experimental. Users can now try ALPHA and BETA features
    at their own risk.
  * New revision of jlibtorrent fixes BitTorrent bugs
  * New piece size selection on torrent creation dialog
  * Library > Playlists UI improvements. Support to display lyrics when available
  * search discontinued
  * Fixes issues with SoundCloud search
  * FrostWire wizard is now displayed when a new build number is detected
  * jlibtorrent version number available in about window
  * ALPHA: New VPN-Drop protection setting. Automatically stop all BitTorrent traffic
    if no VPN connection is available

FrostWire 6.4.5

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Feb 142017

FrostWire 6.4.5 :

frostwire (6.4.5) stable:
  * New VPN-Drop protection setting. Automatically stop all BitTorrent traffic
    if no VPN connection is available
  * New jlibtorrent fixes BitTorrent connectivity issues

















FrostWire 6.4.4

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Feb 032017
FrostWire (6.4.4) stable :
  * New "All Free Downloads" button on welcome screen lets users explore all previous
    FrostWire free and legal promoted downloads.
  * Fixes issue with YouTube search
  * Fixes issue with VPN detection for Mac/Linux after PIA/Express VPN updates.
  * Fixes issue with PIA VPN detection in Windows when advanced connection kill-switch enabled.
  * Fixes issue where the FrostWire update message wouldn't be shown until the next session.

FrostWire 6.4.3

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Jan 142017

FrostWire 6.4.3 is out.

* Fixes issue with YouTube search
  * Fixes issue with ExtraTorrent search
  * Fixes issue where trackers would not be saved correctly when creating a torrent
  * New jlibtorrent

FrostWire 6.4.2

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Dec 092016
FrostWire (6.4.2) is out:
  * Fixes, SoundCloud search.
  * Starred playlist moved down to playlist explorer
  * Playlist explorer right click popups show as least actions as possible
  * Playlist management bug fixes
  * H2 database update (1.4.193)
  * gson upgraded to 2.8.0
  * Cleanup, and performance upgrades

FrostWire 6.4.1

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Nov 162016

FrostWire 6.4.1 is out.

* New jlibtorrent
  * Fixes YT search
  * Crash fixes and performance upgrades
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