FrostWire 2.1.9 build 628

  • Issues with search results not being displayed fixed
  • MusicPlaybackService rewritten
  • Continuous playback issues fixed
  • Repeat mode and shuffle mode issues fixed
  • Save to Playlist issue fixed
  • New jlibtorrent 1.2.3
  • libtorrent
  • boost 1.72.0 build
  • openssl 1.1.1d
  • Android NDK 21
  • UX: No more annoying ever-present Android notification, only during active transfers or music playback
  • UX: Torrent search results now show how old they are
  • EngineService and MusicPlaybackService are no longer ran as foreground services following newer android guidelines
  • Considerable CPU usage reduction through thread invocation throttling frees resources for better search and download experience
  • Removed experimental haptic feedback feature
  • Multiple crashes fixed
  • Music player and notifications framework update
  • MusicPlaybackService lifecycle rewrite
  • SoundCloud search/downloads fixed
  • LimeTorrents search/downloads fixed
  • Fixes crash searching for music in My Music screens
  • Fixes issue media scanning finished download files
  • android material 1.2.0-alpha04
  • androix browser 1.3.0-alpha01
  • applovin and mopub mediation 9.11.1
  • lt:fix erroneous event=completed tracker announce when checking files
  • lt:promote errors in parsing listen_interfaces to post listen_failed_alert
  • lt:fix bug in protocol encryption/obfuscation
  • lt:fix buffer overflow in SOCKS5 UDP logic
  • lt:fix issue of rapid calls to file_priority() clobbering each other
  • lt:clear tracker errors on success
  • lt:optimize setting with unlimited unchoke slots
  • lt:fixed restoring of trackers, comment, creation date and created-by in resume data
  • lt:fix handling of torrents with too large pieces
  • lt:fixed division by zero in anti-leech choker
  • lt:fixed bug in torrent_info::swap


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