FrostWire 6.7.1

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Jul 202018
frostwire (6.7.1) stable; urgency=high
  * UX: Torrent Transfer Tracker viewer now tracks DHT, LSD and PEX information
  * UX: Added border at the top of the global status bar at the bottom of the screen
  * UX: Transfer tab title, search filter box and filter buttons in the same row
        saving precious vertical screen space for smaller screens
  * UX: better resizing of transfer detail components
  * UX: transfer detail component rendering optimizations
  * UX: fixes bug in search result rendering
  * Translations updated
  * Search fixes
  * Crash fixed when translating tooltips
  * Crashes and optimizations

FrostWire 6.2.4

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Apr 182016

FrostWire 6.2.4 is out!

What’s new:

* Fixes Monova search.
* Fixes EZTV search.
* Fixes YouTube search.
* Fixes bug opening certain YT preview URLs.
* New jlibtorrent with SSL security updates
and libtorrent 1.1 release.
* jlibtorrent: multithreaded disk i/o and hashing.
* jlibtorrent: more efficient alert allocation.
* jlibtorrent: experimental support for mutable torrents (BEP 38).
* jlibtorrent: 5x faster torrent bcoder/bdecoder.
* jlibtorrent: improved shutdown.
* jlibtorrent: SSL over uTP supported.
* jlibtorrent: countless scalability updates, seed tens of thousands of torrents, if not hundreds of thousands of torrents in a single jlibtorrent

FrostWire 6.1.5

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Sep 282015

FrostWire 6.1.5 is out.

This update makes FrostWire faster and leaner in memory usage.

* New http engine based on okhttp, uses pooled connections, less threads,
less memory. Faster and more reliable search & cloud downloads.
* libtorrent/jlibtorrent core update (v
* Fixes KAT search.
* Fixes Bitsnoop search.
* Fixes EZTV search.
* Removes Radio functionality from Library.
* When the search options are opened, the keyword textfield is autofocused.
* Java Runtime upgrade to v1.8.0_60.
* Codebase cleanup and refactors.

FrostWire 6.1.0

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May 132015

FrostWire 6.1.0 is available with youtube search.

FrostWire 6.0.8

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May 012015

FrostWire 6.0.8

* Significant improvements in search result availability.
* Faster Bitsnoop, Extratorrent and KAT individual file search results.
* Reduced use of DHT network for search.
* Faster torrent download start time.
* Fixes download error on some search results.
* Fixes Yify search.
* Misc fixes in Library functionality.
* Crash fixes.

FrostWire 5.7.4

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Jun 292014

* Fixes issues with youtube downloads.
* Recovered ability to download soundcloud urls.
* Can download entire soundcloud playlists from playlist url.
* Fixed broken search.
* Updated Gson library.

FrostWire 5.7.0

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Jan 242014

FrostWire 5.7.0 is out.

What’s new:

  • A new generation of FrostWire.
  • Upgradet BitTorrent engine.
  • Latest java runtime.
  • Upgrades to search include integration with,  a new torrent index with over 3 million torrents and tens of millions of files to search from.

FrostWire 5.5.1 Free Download

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Dec 182012

FrostWire has a new version 5.5.1 with some new enhancements and bug fixes.

Download FrostWire 5.5.1

* New Clear Inactive button on transfers.

* New setting to use the default system media player instead of     FrostWire’s.

* New Download Cloud URLs, Torrents and Magnets by entering     urls on the search field.

* New toggle full screen video playback with double click.

* Enhancement: Library file tables now show file modified date field and     files are sorted by it in descending order so user can easily find     newest files added to the library.

* Enhancement: Playlist tables now show the track number column and     are by default sorted by it in ascending order to enjoy     albums in the order they were meant to be heard by the content     creators.   * Enhancement: mime type guessing is faster when sharing files on Wi-Fi

* Bug fix: Library was getting confused with file extensions as part of file names.

* Bug fix: sharing/unsharing popup menu behavior while sharing on Wi-Fi

* Bug fix: resizing issues on preview download dialogs.

* Bug fix: filtering on torrent detail dialog was broken.

* Bug fix: Library continuous playback working from play button.

* Bug fix: Cloud download error fixed.

* Bug fix: Media lib unicode issue.

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