FrostWire 6.0.3

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Dec 042014

frostwire (6.0.3)
* Solves issue getting correct single file location from transfer manager.
* Improved MD5 verification. Thanks @abderraouf-adjal
* Important UI transfer related actions restored for Linux users.
* Updated frostwire-jlibtorrent libraries,
now built with older Boost 1.55, fixes Windows UI Freeze issue.
* CPU usage reduced managing transfer items.
* Croatian, Bulgarian, Polish, translation updates.
* More cleanups and refactors.

FrostWire 5.6.6

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Oct 122013

FrostWire 5.6.6 is out.

What’s New?

* Fixes ExtraTorrent meta search.
* Polish translation 100% updated.
* New support for anonymous user experience statistics.

FrostWire 5.6.4

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Sep 062013

FrostWire 5.6.4 is out.

What’s new?

* Fixes issues parsing some cloud urls.

* Fixes issues with soundcloud meta search.

* Spanish translation updated.

* French translation updated.

* Portuguese translation updated.  * Brazilian Portuguese translation updated.

* Arabic translation updated.

* Turkish translation updated.

FrostWire 5.6.3

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Aug 052013

FrostWire  5.6.3 is out.

What’s new?

* New Feature: Preview audio search results from

* New Feature: Decide wether or not to seed handpicked files     of torrents (aka Partial Downloads).

* New Hacker Feature: Change the location of FrostWire’s settings folder.

Great if you want to install FrostWire on a removable disk and you want to maintain settings and download states.

* Fixes bug where the internet search box would be disabled after sending file to friend.


Mar 252012

Frostwire will work on any of the following systems :

  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, 2000
  •  Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  •  Linux, Unix such as Solaris
  •  Android +2.1
  •  128 MB of RAM (256 MB Recommended)
  •  Java 1.6 or later
  •  An active internet connection


Transfer Music From Frostwire To iTunes

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Feb 092012
  1. Download FrostWire , and install it.
  2. Open iTunes. Go to Edit > Preferences…
    open itunes
  3. Look for “Advanced” tab. Copy the path of “iTunes Music folder location”.
    itunes music folder location
  4. Run FrostWire.
  5. Go to Tools > Options.
    transfer music from Frostwire to itunes
  6. In the “Options” panel, select “Saving” from the panel on the left and paste the path of “iTunes Music folder location”. Click “Apply”, then “OK” .
    tranfer music from FrostWire to iTunes
  7. That’s it. you have finished transferring music from FrostWire to iTunes.
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